UFR Schedule

Dates Scheduled:

Books to be Reviewed:
Revealing Eden- Victoria Foyt
Rhyn Trilogy- Origin- Lizzy Ford
Katie's Hellion- Lizzy Ford
Katie's Hope- Lizzy Ford
Dreams of Darkness- Barry James
Wraith- Angel Lawson
The Origin- Wilette Youkey
Keeper of the Way- Shirin Dubbin
Wild Blood- Donna Ansari
Spectral- Shannon Duffy
Glacial Eyes- J.K. Walker
The Succubus Gift- B.R. Kingsolver
Twin Souls- K.A. Poe
Red- Kate SeRine
Demon Bride- Dianna Hardy
Sleight of Hand- Mark Henwick
SNAP: New Talent
Instinct- J.A. Garland
Magia Rising- Monique O'Conner James
The Daemon Whisperer- Candice Bundy
Angelfire-Hanna Peach
Temping Is Hell- Cathy Yardly
Renhala- Amy Lutchen
Born in Flames- Candace Knoebel
Discovering Ren- Jennifer Eifrig
Boreal and John Grey- Chrystalla Thoma
Stone Chameleon- Jocelyn Adams

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