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To request reviews please go to my new site CLICK HERE and fill out the form. 

Guidelines for Reviews
-Books sent in hardcopy will be reviewed quicker than electronic copy
-I do not review fan fiction
-I seldom review anthologies or short stories unless for an author I have worked with previously

Reviews: Accepting Reviews as of APRIL 2013
Publicity Tours: When requesting a review in conjuction with a publicity tour please include dates in your e-mail, you can check my calendar to see if I am scheduled for that day.
I only accept reviews in MOBI or PDF

Guest Posts:
For any authors who are looking for additional publicity for their books, you are more than welcome to post a guest post on the site. Guest post guidelines are as follows:
  --Guest post must be several paragraphs long and provide interesting/original insight into your book, how you write, books you like, things about the genre, why you wrote the book, themes in the book, or anything topic to time (ex. around Christmas time a guest post of books you want for Christmas)
  --A guest post should NOT be a quick synopsis of your book and a plea for readers to buy it
  --At the end of your guest post you may include a one paragraph synopsis of the book, one buy link, and any links to your personal social media (facebook, twitter, blog).
All guest posts or inquiries should be sent to

Interviews: ON HOLD AS OF APRIL 2013
All interviews should be requested at the same time as the review request. I do this because I will read the book first and then come up with 10-15 questions about the book as well as you as an author that will be posted on the same day as the review.

If you would like to have a short excerpt posted on the site, that would also be welcome, the procedure for that would be the same as for Guest Posts. With Excerpts please include a short synopsis of the book as well as information on release dates or any websites for you/your books.

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