1. How often do you review books?
     - I will review at LEAST 1 book a week
2. Do you take requests?
     - If you would like me to review a book please fill out the form under "Contact" or e-mail me at Kate@UFReviews.com
3. I would like to set up a blog tour stop on your site, how do I do that?
     - I would love to host any blog tour stops, the best way to accomplish this is by email: Kate@UFReviews.com
4. My book isn't Urban Fantasy will you still review my book?
     - If you request a review I will consider it. The genres I am most likely to say yes to are Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, YA (as long as it's fantasy/paranormal), I also like mystery and thriller books.
5. Do your review contain spoilers?
     - I would say 1 out of 10 book reviews contain spoilers. Normally I only include spoilers if I am making a point as to why I felt a certain way about a book, and the reader of the review would not understand the feelings unless they have the spoiler as justification for said feelings. Especially in the case of series I make the point not reveal endings.
6. What formats do you accept?
     - eBooks or hard copies
7. Do you post your review anywhere other than here?
     - I post my reviews on UFR, Amazon, and Goodreads. I also promote the review with Facebook and Twitter. I also include a purchase link for Amazon on every review.

To be clear the purpose of this site is to share my opinions of books I read (whether they be requested by author or reader or a book I picked up on my own). I do my best to accommodate authors, but I also stand by my reviews because they are my personal opinion. I will never be the kind of book review that bashes a book saying things like "this book sucks", if I don't like a book, I promise to convey my opinion with professionalism and constructive criticism. Ultimately it is up to the readers of this book and of books in general to make up their own minds, my hope is to put my opinion out there, help promote books I enjoy, and encourage discussion about all books (in depth discussions about books are my favorite). I hope everyone enjoys the site and I am always open to suggestions.